Cantonese Input Method

Cantonese input method is based on the Cantonese pronunciation of each word, and uses the Cantonese PinYin code as the input code. Only single word input is provided in the Cantonese IME, and it uses the standard English keyboard layout for input.

Entering UnionWay Chinese system, English is the default input method, you can use the hot key "Ctrl + Alt + F6" to switch to the Cantonese input method. If you click the task bar icon with the left mouse button, the IME Configuration dialog box will appear. Click the image1.jpg (5474 bytes)list box, it will bring down a list of input methods, select image38.JPG (3730 bytes), and the current Chinese input method is switch to Cantonese. This dialog box is then referred to as the Cantonese Configuration dialog box.

Following are some of the hot keys that you can use during the input:

Ctrl + Space or switch between the current Chinese and English

Alt + ?input method

Backspace deletes the input code

Esc clears all input code

?or Space turn to the next words (phrases) page

?turn to the previous words (phrases) page

1 to 8 (F1 to F8) are used for selecting the target word


Using image39.JPG (5409 bytes) as an example:

While in the Cantonese IME, type the input code LEUNG for image39.JPG (5409 bytes), if the target word is not on the first page, you may use the Space bar or ?key to get to the next page. In this example, the target word image39.JPG (5409 bytes) is on the second page, first position as shown below:

image40.JPG (10258 bytes)

Pressing the numeric key 1 (or F1) will send the target word image39.JPG (5409 bytes) into the application program at the cursor position.